Dr. Heather H. Bobb proudly offers porcelain dental crowns at our practice to help you restore your stubborn and unattractive tooth’s health.

A dental crown in Dripping Springs, Texas, is a restorative product that looks as if it is a cap meant to cover your tooth. This tooth-shaped cap covers the entire surface of your tooth and restores its shape, size, and strength as well as improves your tooth’s appearance. This is a great product that can:

• Protect a weak and fragile tooth
• Restore a broken tooth
• Support a tooth that has been worn down
• Cover an irregularly shaped tooth
• Disguise a darkened tooth
• Cover a dental implant
• Hold a dental bridge in place
• Make a cosmetic alteration
• Save a tooth that has been extremely damaged from decay

If you are interested in using a dental crown, we ask that you call our office today! The process of placing the crown involves your dentist numbing your tooth, shaving its surfaces, gathering the measurements needed, and creating your crown with our own CEREC® machine. Then, your dentist will check and adjust the crown and permanently cement it to into place once she finds the proper fit.

For more information about dental crowns, call our office today!